Smart unli fb and viber download

Smart fair use policy applies, up to 800mb of download is allowed per day. Smart promos smart promos smart unlimited call and. Smart promos smart unlimited text, unli call, allnet text jeffric. You will receive a text message confirming your registration. Sun postpaid plan flp 300 gives free fb and viber, unli text and calls techpinas. Complete list of smart promos for text, call and internet. Aside from data for facebook, fb messenger, and viber, smart unli call and text or uct promos also includes unlimited calls to smart, talk n text and sun cellular. Not only do you need a decent mobile service to communicate with friends and family, you also need to be connected to keep up with the latest news or simply to be entertained. Tm designed affordable unlimited promos to let its subscribers stay in touch with their friends, family and loved ones.

Unlimited texts to smart, sun, tnt unlimited calls to smart, tnt 50 texts to all networks free viber, fb, fb messenger text unli25 to 9999. Me my self is always relying in smart s flexitime for unlimited access in the internet use for uploading videos in youtube but this feature is no longer available and maybe this. Unli texts to all networks, 20 mins call to smart tntsun, and free unli facebook, fb messenger and viber. Smart unli facebook 10 1, 7 and 30 days fb mobile promo. Viber is a free messaging and calling app that allows people to connect with friends and family no matter who they are or where they are from. Promo is available to globe prepaid and tm subscribers.

Up to 100mb internet surfing except for video streaming and downloads. Tnt techno user sim offers unlimited facebook, messenger and viber for 10 pesos. July 8, 2018 july 8, 2018 by matthew aaron smart communications, one of the more known telecommunications provider in the philippines, has a lot of plans and promos in their arsenal. Call, text and internet data globe and smart promos. Browse the internet with ease using the data promo bundles offered by tnt. At60, unlimited texts to all networks, 30 mins worth of call to smart, tnt, and sun, and unlimited facebook surfing, messenger and viber messaging, 5 days, php 60, 9999. All you need is a data plan or wifi connection and youre good to go. March 10, 2018 smart, smart call, smart call n text, smart combo, smart promo, smart surfing, smart text. Complete list of sun promos for text, call and internet 2020 tech. You can now use globe viber20, fbmessenger20, kakaotalk20. Gounli25 comes with unlimited texts and calls to globetm, unlimited access to facebook and one other site from the following. Unli calls to smart, tnt and sun unli sms to all networks 50mb data promo. Also included in these smart uct promos is unlimited texst to all networks smart, tnt, sun, globe, tm. You can subscribe for 2 days unlimited texting worth php 30.

The messenger of choice for over 1 billion users worldwide. Smart prepaid subscribers who want to enjoy unlimited text to all networks for only 10 pesos, you can register to all text 10 promo. Sun postpaid plan flp 300 gives free fb and viber, unli. You can also register smart unli facebook through text keying in the keyword fb amount the send to 211. Unlimited texts to smart, tnt unlimited calls to smart, tnt 80 texts to all networks 30 mb data for internet surfing text unli100 to 9999. Viber for desktop is synced to your mobile account. Covering major platforms, from facebook and viber to line, whatsapp and wechat, you get unlimited. Smart communications currently offers two unlimited texting products the smartext and smartext plus smartext. If you are looking for somewhat an unlimited internet plan, then try these surf max promos of talk n text. Complete list of smart internet promos for 2020 0 0 pinoytechsaga wednesday, january 1, 2020 smart prepaid offers not only affordable call and text promos, but also a variety of affordable internet or mobile data promos. This is a good promo to register on especially if you are not a heavy user watching videos most of the time. Complete list of smart internet promos for 2020 pinoytechsaga.

Make free international calls, send text messages, open a group chat, and so much more. At20 min calls to smart, tnt and sun unli sms to all networks unli facebook and viber for more info subscribe or visit. Scratch 5,000 and 10,000 riel smart cards to win awesome prizes. Download nyo po philpromos 2018 easy lang maghanap ng mga tm, smart at. Smart subscribers simply need to text fb to 211, then click on the download link which will be sent via sms for free. Our mission is to protect your privacy so that you never have to think twice about what you can or cant share when youre using viber.

Unlimited calls and texts to smart, tnt, and sun plus unli facebook to register trinet 40, text trinet40 and send it to 2949. Smart surfmax is the newest internet offer that allows you to surf all day. P301 day text unli30 to 9999 unli calls to smart, tnt and sun. If you are using a smart sim and want to stay in touch with your loved ones, subscribe to a smart call and text promo to get the best offers out of your load balance. Express yourself with thousands of unique stickers and gifs. With globe viber 20, you can now enjoy 1 day of chats and calls with your family and friends allday, allnight wherever your are. Unli calls to smart, tnt and sun unli sms to all networks 150mb data. Viber is the free, simple, fast and most secure messaging and calling app. With these variety wide range of promos to choose from, you can choose what to avail whether its text, call or internet data promo.

These days, having a reliable and consistent mobile connection has become essential more than ever. Here is the list of internet data promos offered by talk n text tnt network. Tnt techno user sim offers unlimited facebook, messenger. Smart bro surfmax plus 100 unli fb, messenger, instagram, viber, etc. Do you know that sun cellular introduced the unlimited text and call. Uct50 unli call and text 50 for 3 days plus data for fb messenger viber. You can also buy prepaid credits to a store near you. Talk n text tnt cheapest unli call and text promo 2018. This offer is good for 1day so you can take advantage of unli sms text to connect with your friends and love ones even if they are not using a smart sim.

Unli texts to all networks, 60 mins call to smart tntsun, free unli facebook, fb messenger and viber, and 150mb mobile data reward every. Unlimited sms to all networks, 60 smart, sun, tnt minutes. Smart unlimited call and unlimited text promo all text promo all text 10. Nov 2 2015 free instagram up to 30mb kasama na sa promo mo valid for 1. Text unli150 to 9999 super messaging 20 unlimited sms to all networks 10 smart, sun, tnt minutes unlichat fb messenger, whatsapp, viber.

List of smart call and text promos 2020 mobile networks. However, addon like unlimited facebook access, facebook messenger, spinnr, viber and popular apps were included at distinguished promos. Unlimited calls and texts to smart and talk n text tnt networks. Smart promos smart unlimited call and smart unlimited text guide. Unli texts to all networks, unli calls to smart tntsun, 100mb internet data for messenger, viber and whatsapp. Here are the best smart unli call and text promos in 2019. Sun flp 300 already gives you unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited calls to sun, smart, and talk n text numbers, free facebook, and free viber access for an entire month. Smartext unlimited texting to smart and talk ntext tnt numbers.

Purchase all text, all surf and unli call and text promos via smart online store. Smart unli facebook 10 1, 7 and 30 days fb mobile promo smart offers unlimited facebook for only p10, if you are a smart or buddy subscriber just text fb to 211 then install the application on your java capable phone. Once received, you can already start enjoying your unlimited viber, fbmessenger and kakao. To activate viber for desktop, you will need an active viber account on your mobile phone. Globe prepaid viber 20, viber 10 and viber 30 promo. Simply follow the instructions to get the facebook mobile app always on, ready to use, unli, and for free, with a p1 maintaining balance. Whatsapp, line, viber, etc, downloading of chat stickers. All talk n text tnt internet data promos gadget specs ph. Smart at20 unli sms to all networks unli facebook and viber. Unli text, unli chat on viber,fb msgr, whatsapp,line. This promo includes free facebook, fb messenger and viber, unlimited calls to smart and tnt, unlimited texts to smart, tnt and sun with 50 all net texts valid for 1 day for only 25 pesos.

Lets compare the two promos and see which one is better and offers more features to us, their subscribers. Download viber for androidx86 devices download viber for small screen devices. Unli chat via viber, fb messenger, kakaotalk, and 4 other chat apps plus unli calls to globe and tm, and unli texts to all networks with globe prepaid. Below is the list of internet data promos offered by talk n text tnt network to all its subscribers across the philippines for the year 2020. Text now for free and make highquality crystalclear phone calls.

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