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It has been graded by mycomicshops experienced graders. Over a fouryear span, the comic ran for 22 issues, ending with the novemberdecember, 1953 issue. The spirit is a fictional masked crimefighter created by cartoonist will eisner. How to store a comic book collection like a superhero. Collectible silver age comics reprints 195669 for sale. Bring your stories and illustrations to life with blurbs comic book maker. The ec annuals contain 5 or 6 renumbered editions of the 32page comic books. At this time we are only accepting preordersubscription orders. If you do not have enough content, you must add blank pages. When you reprint your book with wipf and stock you can call and talk with real people who have a vested interest in the success of our mutual projectyour book. Selling vintage comic books can be a fun hobby and business, but these items need special care when shipping to preserve their valuable condition. We are not accepting orders for new or back issue comics at this time.

Collectible golden age comics reprints 193855 for sale. Penguin books in australia recently had to reprint 7,000 copies of a nowcollectible book because one of the recipes called for. Recent sales of this historic comic have shocked the world with incredible record prices, and the news media has. Basically if you have a comic you think is a reprint look at the cover price of the first edition online and see if it matches with the copy you have if it doesnt you will know right away its a reprint. Star wars comic packs 2010 baron soontir fel ysanne isard. Publishers will reprint classic comic books from years or even decades ago, often restoring the art with newer techniques. Weird science was an american science fiction comic book magazine that was part of the ec comics line in the early 1950s. These detailed instructions show you how to package comic books for shipping. Although comic books pack a punch, most have low page counts, especially. The 38 issues are numbered from 1 to 38, although the number shown on the cover shows the original issue number from the original publication.

You will receive emails about your win, and package shipping information. Son of the demon 2006 reprint comic books for sale online. The golden age for comic books is known for plots that dont appear in modern day comics. This results in a durable book that has no gutter loss and is able to open completely flat. Keep that in mind if you have only one copy of the old book you want to reprint. Get the best deal for collectible silver age comics reprints 195669 from the largest online selection at. Bag and board each individual book and place each book in a toploader for maximum protection.

This is the only action comics reprint that contains the complete comic. With our print on demand program pod, printing your book and getting it in front of readers. Flashback golden age comic reprints comic books for sale. Proper packaging will help guarantee happy customers and positive feedback. The reprints may be standalone comic books, compilation trade paperbacks, or backups in other comic books. Having an isbn barcode on the back of your book that includes the book price allows bookstores to scan your book directly into their point of sale. Best archival collectionproject strips eisner awards 2018 nomination sky masters was created at the beginning of the space race when who would get into space and to the moon first was a national obsession. But there are some simple steps every fan should take to store a comic book collectionto ensure it retains its. Marvel would reprint certain comic books that achieved a sales mark and would release them to collectors in a sealed package that was similar to vinyl record packaging. Weird fantasy was a sister title published during the same time frame. This is a list of dc comics reprint collections including trade paperbacks, hardcovers, and other special format collections. He first appeared june 2, 1940, as the main feature of a 16page, tabloidsized, newsprint comic book insert distributed in the sunday edition of register and tribune syndicate newspapers. Just like paperback novels, reprinted comic books will list when they were printed originally and to which reprint run they belong.

Make print and digital versions of your graphic novels with our suite of free and. Flashback golden age comic reprints republish some of the most important comic books from the golden age of comic books. Make ours marvel reprint style man, we dig facsimile editions in these parts those groovy fullon reprints that include ads, lettercols, backups and whatnot. Get the best deals on collectible silver age comics reprints. Two of the most common are androids and heroes that needed to convince someone close, or the public at large, that their heroic persona and their alter ego were in fact different people. Also a free comic was included and that made my 4 year old nephew very happy. Most of the time, the pod is the publisher because the pod fulfills orders. The problem is that not all diamond issues are reprints. If you have a special need, such as promotional flyers, or if you would like books shipped directly to a conference or book signing, well help you make it happen. Death of superman comic book value price guide comics. In most cases, this means cutting off the spine, so that the pages are free to run through our scanner.

Theyre like little time capsules of comics history for maybe four of five bucks a pop. Comic books which sell out may be given a second or more printing in order to bring more copies to the distributor. This electrifying collection brings classic star wars characters from marvel and dark horse comics to life as action figures, some for the very 1st time. I have added to my web store the comic book packages so. Composite with mossy oak camo, w 39x32 scope single shot, 1400 fps. The international standard book number isbn is a digit number that uniquely identifies books and booklike products published internationally. In very rare cases, due to the contractual arrangements between the pod and the selfpublisher, the selfpublisher is the publisher. Bookbaby offers custom comic book printing services fit for a hero. To get 1% cash back on your ebay comic book purchases, click on this link. Think of it as stapling your comic directly in the center of the spine. Daisy ad reprint 1940s comic bookdaisy ad reprint of circa 1940 comic book. An opened version would depend on the condition of the actual comic book.

Dcs deluxe editions reprints issues in an oversized hardcover format, with the same dimensions as their omnibus line. Read book from utorrent, free comic book download,read book pdf from internet. Pdf download mosbys paramedic textbook and workbook. A reprint of the classic m16 comic book manual pam 75030, included with each of the rifles in brownells retro line, is as authentic as the waffletype magazine that comes with the brownells. A method used to initially protect the raw comic book and further store it once it has been read. The golden age of comic strip reprints cgc comic book. Get the best deals on collectible golden age comics reprints 193855. Comic book value guide how to value your comics in 3 easy steps.

Affordable way to collect reprints of precode, early 1950s horror comics from legendary publisher ec comics entertaining comics. Whether you draw the comic by hand and scan it, or create it from scratch on your computer using photoshop, pagemaker or another visual creation tool, you need to know what you comic is about before you can publish it. This is especially advantageous for modern comics with fullbleed art and doublepage spreads where textart may otherwise be lost. Get the best deals on collectible silver age comics reprints 195669. You dont have to have superhuman strength or xray vision to appreciate comic books and to yearn to collect and preserve the graphic stories of childhood and beyond. Measuring and cutting cardboard to create makeshift comic book mailers. Use sturdy cardboard to protect the edges and corners. With awesome 3 34inch action figures, terrific accessories, and a funfilled comic book reprint in every pack. To request the use of our comic strips or columns in books other than comic books and collections of comic strips or columns for those, see below, magazines, newsletters, web sites and annual reports, you may mail or fax the reprint rights request form to the. The strip takes place in the not to distant future where the united states sends men into space but hasnt ventured much further yet.

We are temporarily closed in accordance with coronvirus mitigation orders from the governor of texas. Witzend fantagraphics books wallice wood issue reprint new in sealed package. How to properly package vintage comic books for shipping. Nowadays, marvel is releasing oneshots that are similar to severance package pretty much every other week, but at the time of its release as the fourth issue of marvels brandnew tangled web series after an initial story arc by garth ennis and john mcrea. In most cases, the pod is the publisher and puts their isbn on the book. And the comic book was well protected in its packaging. Spiderman collectible series comic book lot of 5 1962 1964 reprint 2006. Ownership and reusage rights bowker identifier services. If you know a comic book debuted in the 1930s, but contains advertisements for modern products, or if the comic contains ads and coupons without company contact information, it is safe to assume the comic book is a reprint edition. Please use a minimal amount of tape and try to use tape that is easily removable when securing the books with cardboard. Volumes released as a part of these lines are not included in the list below. Suggestions online of how to package comics and graphic novels commonly involve one, or in some cases all of the methods below. Whoever is to be identified as the publisher obtains the isbn. How to know if a comic book is a reprint our pastimes.

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