Pelco remote agent software

Pelco developers network pdn is a selfhelp website for developers in which you will find all of the information required to develop interoperability with pelco products. Where can i download the dx4000 remote agent software. Remote agent is a client software that can be installed into windows pc to view your dvr system remotely. Pelco mobile app pelco mobile provides remote access to live video from pelco digital sentry systems, endura systems equipped with the sm5200 system manager, and sarix cameras. Agent dvr is accessible locally and remotely from any modern device with. If the pelco workstation hardware model number is ws5050, this means that ws5200 cannot be installed. Pelco accessories enhance your video system scope, capabilities and performance with pelco video accessories. Setup guide please remember if its default admin user name, make sure you type in admin all in caps as well. Software and hardware video management system vms after more than 10 years of sales, pelco announces the endofsale and endoflife dates for the digital sentry video management system and related unique accessories.

If the model of pelco workstation hardware is ws5060 or ws5070. Agent dvr for windows 10 free download on 10 app store. Monitor, detect and record video and audio from a vast array of local and network devices. Trade in any existing dvr for a cutting edge dvr nvr with all latest features. The information provided in this article and others on support. Activate your pelco software and firmware licenses.

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