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May and september are typically less touristy and chillier. We are all about the dream adventure of a lifetime with whale watch alaska. Whale sense celebrating 10 years of responsible whale. Summer ice whaling in alaska united states the economist.

The where and when of the best time to see whales in alaska. So, usually when you do an alaska cruise in the summer, youll spot some whales. Humpback whales, blue whales, minke whales, orcas, belugasall of them inhabit the waters around the state. From the boat, you may also spot orcas, seals, and sea otters.

In northern alaska, spring whaling season yields estimated. Juneau is the best spot for whale watching in alaska. A study prepared for international fund for animal welfare in 2009 estimated that million people went whale watching globally in 2008. We focus on the most interesting whales to watch, the best countries to meet them and the perfect time to go there. Wales became an important whaling center due to its location along whale migratory routes, and it was the regions largest and most prosperous village, with more than 500 residents. If we can spend more time on the water then we will. Whale alert is a free iphoneipad application for fishermen, recreational.

Alaska sea adventures fallwinter whale trips alaska sea. The most important region for whale watching in alaska is the southeast around the inside passage with its countless fjords, glaciers, lakes and mountains. The whale watching tour doesnt disappoint and puts you up close and personal with all sorts of alaskan wildlife, of course with humpback whales being the focus of this halfday juneau shore excursion. Alaska whale watching includes where to see whales in alaska. Explore the waters around juneau aboard a scenic cruise.

Whale watching in alaska is fun, accessible andexciting. Aug 05, 2012 humpback whale season started early for me this year. Most of our coastal towns feature many excellent tour operators, some of them worldclass with naturalists, refreshments and other amenities on board. One year of whale watching in just one infographic. Best places to see whales in alaska and where to see whales in alaska is answered in full. Alaska up to 22 dead gray whales this season with 7. For gray and humpback whale viewing april and may are. The best time for whale watching in alaska getaway usa. In the season so far, the crews have landed eight whales and struck and lost ten. In addition, pack a good camera for capturing stunning photos and videos as well.

Alaska whale watching tours alaska shore excursions. The testosterone profile of male humpback whales follows a. Alaska has resident killer whales and is the destination for migrating whales during the summer. You can enjoy marine wildlife with whale watching from seward in kenai fjords national park. The killer whale orcinus orca is the largest member of the dolphin family and lives in small groups called pods, which are usually made up of family members ranging from juveniles called calves to adult males called bulls. Anchorage whale watching deals in anchorage, ak groupon. The 1918 flu pandemic decimated the population and economy of wales. Your experience will be indepth, authentic, genuine and personalized. Best time to see whales in alaska whale watch juneau. Whale watching tour juneau tours and shore excursions.

I spent quite a few hours outside on sea days and saw lots of whales. Whaletrips alaska the best tips for whale watching in. The best time for whale watching in alaska including juneau and seward plus alaska whale watching season and dates is covered in depth. The humpback whale is a migratory species, spending its summers in temperate and subpolar waters, but mating and calving in tropical and subtropical waters closer to the equator. I would recommend a glacier and wildlife day cruise out of seward. Seasonal presence and potential influence of humpback whales on. Now lets take a look at some of the top locations for whale watching in alaska. On any given day trip youll likely see huge rafts of sea otters, horned and tufted puffins, cormorants, humpback whales, or. Whale watching is the practice of observing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. They mostly stay in the same area for 15 weeks or more, mostly in glacier bay or icy strait.

Many species of whale venture to the rich waters near alaska each summer to feed and provide the opportunity. We did see humpbacks in juneau this past aug and then in victoria, we saw tons of orcas. Alaskan whales winter makin whoopee in hawaii pretty smart and summer havin babies and eating tons of fresh seafood in alaska. The san juan islands, located 140 km north of seattle in the heart of salish sea, is the most famous place for orca whale watching. Most species of whale bear a fin on their backs known as a dorsal fin. Humpbacks may be seen at any time of year in alaska, but most animals winter in temperate or tropical waters near mexico, hawaii. If youre planning on catching some humpback whales during the summer season, then prince. Whale watching in alaska is special since you can meet different species of whales here. From the remote northernmost town of barrow, to the lush southeast and even near downtown anchorage the states whale watching opportunities are the crowning jewel of many alaska vacations. In fact, the humpback whales are here every year throughout the summer months. Glacier and whale watching cruises to kenai fjords national departing from anchorage, alaska, wildlife viewing, photography and calving tidewater glaciers. The ad11s have become an easy pod for tour boats to identify, having two. This juneau whale watch and glacier tour is an unbelievable way to do both in a single excursion helping keep your alaska shore excursions cheap.

In the point hope region, spring and summer temperatures have been on a warming trend since the 1980s. A journey north of the polar circle, from the largest oilfield in north america to the villages of the last whale hunters of alaska. Best places for whale watching when to go whale watching. Step into alaska with one of these dedicated and knowledgeable local guides. The whales come up to alaska in the spring to feed and then head south around october and stay down by hawaii for the summer. Captains bixler and krystin mcclure will help your small group plan an outing catered to your preferences. How can you prepare to see these majestic mammals on an alaskan whale watching tour. If youre looking for whale watching opportunities during your alaskan cruise, juneau is the place.

How to see whales in alaska the best whale watching spots. This was our first time to alaska, and whale watching was top on my list of to dos. Several pods of orcas, killer whales, reside in the prince william sound area and humpbacks can be spotted in the western portion midmay through september. From the mighty caribou and the grizzly bears to humpback whale and seals, theres a good chance youll be close to more than one type of wildlife when you visit alaska. A whaling season in alaska a deep dive into the lives of the last alaskan whale hunters, and a sensitive look at the harsh changes underway in the arctic. If you find yourself on an alaska cruise, i highly recommend a whale watch. Hop on board the all season missing lynx and lost lynx, the vessels bound for whatever seward ocean excursion suits your fancy. Turnagain arm and alaska wildlife tour from anchorage. Between may and september, humpbacks stay in the northern parts of the passage to feed. International whaling commission regulations grant the community a combined quota of 25. Whale watching is mostly a recreational activity cf. Alaskas spectacular marine life and one of its best known glaciers all in a half day program on a boat holding a maximum of 40 guests. When is the hot season for the arrival of humpback whales in juneau, alaska.

Alaska whale watching tours whalewatching in alaska. Various species of whales migrate between the warm coastal waters of mexico and the frigid waters of alaska. Humpback whales bubble net feeding in alaska tony wu. During the whaling season, which usually begins in april and lasts until june, 10 of them will hunt.

A whale watching cruise in alaska is an incredible way to see some of the worlds largest mammals. Silence, then a gigantic form breaches the surface. The hoonah whale season is roughly may to september. I was just wondering if i were going to try and find a cruise to alaska it would have to be during whale season. Seward spotlight the mmt blog whale sense celebrating 10 years of responsible whale watching. With we try to inspire and give you the best information about whale watching. Summertime is the best time for whale watching in alaska because thats usually the peak of the whale migration season. The 10 best alaska whale watching tours book alaskan. All our cruises have been the last ones of the season so late in september. Whether you want to go whale watching for orcas, humpbacks, grays or beluga whales, most alaska whale watching tours are just an easy day cruise away. Best time to see whales in alaska alaska whale watching. From juneau to homer, youll find many opportunities to explore the spectacular seascape, from the open ocean to steepsided fjords. Committed to our community, we take pride in our services and our vast knowledge of the local waters.

Alaska s spectacular marine life and one of its best known glaciers all in a half day program on a boat holding a maximum of 40 guests. Pdf testosterone trends within and across seasons in male. Whale sense alaska materials below you will find a number of downloadable resources supporting the whale sense program. See alaskan wildlife on this whale watching tour in hoonah that takes you out onto the waters of glacier bay and icy strait, where humpback whales arrive each year to feed before heading south for the winter. The 10 best alaska whale watching tours book alaskan excursions. The inupiat hunt whales for subsistence, the same way their ancestors did centuries ago. When you book your first tour online, contact us and well apply the discount when you want to book your second and third tours. Youll have the best chance of seeing whales if you book a whalewatching expedition between april and september. Though endangered worldwide, the most commonly seen whale in alaska is the humpback. Whale watching shore excursions alaska shore tours.

Juneau exclusive whale watching excursion juneau excursions. Marine mammal viewing alaska department of fish and game. This familyrun company operating out of valdez will show you the best glaciers, with great customer service along the way. To learn more about these animals and where to see them, click on the links below. Step into alaska juneau whale watching tours and hiking. Whaling in alaska and the yukon by murray lundberg.

Alaskas spring whaling season a success despite challenging. Such seasonal phases of sea ice breakup in the spring and sea ice freezeup in the fall govern the accessibility and productivity of alaskas arctic. From december to marchapril they mate and give birth in the warm and shallow waters off the baja california, mexico. The most common whales you are likely to see in alaska are orcas, or killer whales and humpbacks. In alaska you can meet orcas, gray whales and humpbacks. Its pretty muchguaranteed whale watching in alaska. Instead of heading south in august like i normally do however, i went north in july to alaska, where i had an opportunity to witness and photograph one of the most extraordinary spectacles in the natural world. Based in anchorage, the alaska tours company offers three, fullday whalewatching cruises that last from six to nine hours. This program is sponsored by noaa fisheries and whale and dolphin conservation, and is celebrating 10 years of promoting responsible whale watching practices. And it has orcas, gray whales and humpbacks along with rainforests full of bears and cougars. Point hope, the village caught between tradition and climate change. The whalewatching season here runs from approximately may to september. Captain tobie and guide matt were fun, as excited as we were when whales were spotted, helpful, and made sure we were treated well in all ways.

Have done two alaska cruises and going back on a third next september. Whale watching cruises in anchorage, alaska usa today. Then, after your amazing experience whale watching in juneau alaska, its time to head to majestic mendenhall, the worlds only driveup glacier. May 09, 2016 i have been on six other whale watching trips and this was the first time i actually saw a whale. In return, companies are allowed to use the current year whale sense logo in their advertisements, and are recognized as members of the whale sense program. The following resources describe the whale sense program requirements that participating companies agree to adhere to during each whale watching season. Most humpback whales within the alaskan population are seasonal migrants, moving. Species profile alaska department of fish and game.

This combo is the best way to make the most of your day in juneau. For gray and humpback whale viewing april and may are the best times but they are often seen all summer. Alaskas seafoodrich waters are the summer home of many different kinds of whales. Whaling, however, has a long, significant and colourful history in the north, and should not be so casually dismissed. Jul 11, 2017 humpback whales watching in auke bay near juneau. Sep 22, 2016 whaling season 2016 barrow, alaska keep an open mind as you watch the whaling process of the inupiat. Whether you are visiting alaska on a cruise ship, or traveling on land, there are numerous opportunities to experience the thrill of seeing a whale in person. Alaska whale watching tours best in seward, whittier. We specialize in the finest juneau whale watching and hiking shore excursions and can arrange custom trips by land and sea for families or groups seeking private wilderness experiences. We hope this website will be a good inspiration for. Alaska whale watching tours is dedicated to providing the best wildlife viewing and whale watching experiences in juneau. When is the best time for whale watching in alaska. Marine mammal viewing alaskas marine mammals range from oceandwelling creatures, like whales, to those dependent on the oceans for food, like polar bears. Orca whales usually pass through the islands in greatest numbers between midmay and midoctober when the salmon runs are strongest, although its possible to spot them through the rest of the year.

While out on the water, there is no doubt that youll see humpback whales this is the time of year they travel to alaska to feed on thousands of pounds of krill a day. Alaska whale watching juneau 2020 all you need to know. Travel alaska recommends spring whale watching, too. In the vast waters that line alaskas coast, an encounter with a whale is likely, if not downright predictable. A summer whale watching trip in southeastern alaska will give you lifelong memories of wildlife encounters. Unlike whale watching in the open ocean, the waters of juneau alaska are more restricted, which brings the whales closer together. Whether you decide to book a shore excursion or do some whale watching from the deck of the cruise ship, make sure to bring a pair of binoculars to get a glimpse of the wildlife at further distances on your alaska cruise. On average, the humpbacks enjoy a feast of herring a mere 15 to 30 minutes from port, teaching their young to dive and hunt and delight in the cool alaska waters of the inside passage. Every year, thousands of gray whales travel between mexico and alaska, one of the longest known maritime migrations. Sep 28, 2016 alaska s spring whaling season a success despite challenging sea ice. To todays people, the history of whalehunting has largely been relegated to barbarisms of the past. What type of whale youll see depends on what region of alaska youre sailing through, while the number of whales you may encounter largely. The whaleplanner september a whale watching infographic. The best time to see these majestic marine mammals is from june until august.

Whale watching is also popular in southeast alaska so you may want to visit the travel juneau website for additional information about their whale season. Its not all just kangaroos and koalas in australia, but also a great place to meet humpback whales along the east coast. Alaska had the hottest year on record in 2014, and this summers temperatures have been above normal across the state. Some of the whales here stay yearround, but they become especially active during the summer, when they do their feeding. Whaling season 2016 barrow, alaska keep an open mind as you watch the whaling process of the inupiat. Your whale watching juneau adventure begins with convenient pickup near the cruise docks, followed by a 25minute drive through downtown juneau, with narration provided during the journey to introduce you to the sights of alaskas capital city and its rollicking history as a wild frontier mining town. Whale watching in alaska many species of cetaceans, whales, dolphins, and porpoise, inhabit or migrate through alaskan waters.

Seasonal sea ice and arctic migrations of the beluga whale u. Whale migration patterns throughout alaska alaska shore. Alaska whales where to see whales in alaska for 2017. Killer whales are present in alaska may thru september. For whale watching from the ship you have to be up high and forward so that you can get the best 180 degree or more view. Your guide to whale watching in alaska in 2020 scenic states. This one was definitely one of the better ones because we were not a full boat again, it was before the start of the tourist season, i felt like we had a lot of personal attention and the crew seemed very relaxed. Be sure to check back as we continue to build the website and add more animals to the list. From juneau to kodiak, these whale watching areas are popular among tourist and residents alike. During the feeding season, humpbacks make unrelated vocalizations for herding. Upon arrival, you will meet your whale watching cruise excursion captain and staff who will welcome you aboard and give you a quick safety orientation. Countless whales spend the summer near alaska shores feeding, and views of these mighty mammals are best in the waters near anchorage. Alaska whale watching glacier cruise departing from anchorage. Killer whales of southern alaska north gulf oceanic society.

The highlight was seeing the humpbacks lunge feeding. Alaska up to 22 dead gray whales this season with 7 reported over holiday weekend alaskas 16th dead gray whale for 2019 was found stranded at surfers beach on kodiak island. Fallwinter whale expeditions join us for a unique and remarkable alaska whales in fallwinter photography adventure. With their fiveyear whaling quota up for renewal this summer, alaska s bowhead subsistence hunters are wrapping up an abundant spring season for the big town of barrow and a few other villages. The oil giant shell is preparing to drill for the first time in the arctic ocean off the shore of alaska, promising to manage the risk of a spill. Wind through the city with a guide from the area, and hear about the origins of the haidatlingit tribe, the impact of russian, european and american influences, and the gold that shaped the regions past and present. Although alaska whales generally do not possess hind limbs, some whales such as sperm whales and baleen whales sometimes have rudimentary hind limbs. Get to know juneau and discover the beauty of mendenhall glacier on this 2. Whales begin their migration from the warm waters of mexico in february arriving in alaska waters in april. Blues and minke whales also feed in prince william sound during the summer. Enjoy gorgeous scenery as you search for humpback and orca whales, then enjoy an allyoucaneat alaskan feast at the gold. An exceptional setting within the protected waters of a single bay on alaskas admiralty island national monument, beautiful late season low angle sunlight, wintry mountain backdrops, and an amazing gathering of humpback whales all combine to create an opportunity.

Youll want to bring binoculars, which you can use to spot whales. Two types of killer whales inhabit the gulf of alaska. Naturally, inquiring minds want to know about the exciting arrival of the humpback whales. Visit alaska to enjoy a unique whale watching experience during your cruise. Want to whale watch, see glaciers, go bird watching or just check out hidden coves. Various species of whales can be seen throughout alaska during the months of may through september. Please note that these publications are subject to change without notice.

Then they go on their long journey to feed in the rich feeding grounds of the north. But you could also see whales in the spring and fall. Major marine tours has been a proud participant of whale sense since 2017, and we are excited to announce that we have completed our training again for the 2019 season. The best and most reliable whale watching really requires going out in a boat.

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